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Welcome to Bru's Paddock
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Bru's Bio


Registered name: Donnervogel (German translation: Thunderbird)
Barn name: Bruderchen (German Translation: Baby Brother)
Breed: Anglo Trakehner
DOB: April 23, 1993
Height: 15.3hh
Color: light golden bay
Markings: white hairs on forehead (not quite a star), sock on right hind.

I bought Bru in the summer of 99 from Bay-View Farm In Sidney BC. I had been riding him for almost 7 months prior to me purchasing him becuase I was waiting for the mare I owned at the time to sell. Bringing him home was a big shocker because he turned from the lovable 6 year old I was riding to a scared out of him mind freak in all of a couple of days. No one could have predicted that Bru would have reacted quite so bad to the move from the home he had known all his life and it took 6 long months before I was able to start working with him without him getting all wound up. Unfortunately the trainer I found to help me was a little too into competetion and rushed him through alot of training. After I decided that the trainer wasn't what I wanted for Bru it took another 6 months to get him working in a relaxed manner instead of being all uptight.

I enjoyed a pretty relaxed fall and then when it started to get colder Bru started getting full of himself again. He was spooking at everything and was payign very little attention to me on the ground or on his back. I finally asked another trainer, Jodi Morrison, for a little help and got just what I needed. After 2 lessons I had him focued on me and things were great....and then...two days later Bru hurt his back.

I worked for 11 months bring him back from his injury. I have the help of an equine Chiropractor and an Equine Sports Massage therapist and I took lessons to learn how to long line(double lunge). I worked him every other day, alternating between lunging, free lunging, longlining and eventually bareback riding. Then I got my Ansur saddle and was able to ride him for almost 3 months straight without much problem.
Unfortunately with the wet weather and a load or new boarders at the barn usign the ring we couldn't work as much and Bru's back started to get sore again. 
I finally decided to try another vets opinion on the problem and wondered if maybe there was a problem in his legs that was causing his back problem to be reoccurant.  The vet took x-rays of his hind legs and found some abnormalities in his right fetlock. After blocking the joint it was determined that the joint was causing him discomfort and was making him move incorrectly which could possibly be causing some of the soreness in his back. So his fetlock was injected with cortizone and his movement and comfort with that leg has improved.  BUT his back still did not improve.
I had a fe wmore ups and downs the fall of 2002 with him improving and then falling back again. I eventually had the help of a accupuncturist this past winter, but even that didn't help, and he seemed to be getting worse. He was getting very defensive of anyone touching him, even me at times so I decided enough is enough and he is on a break at the moment. The cause of his back problems is still arguable, and whether or not he will ever be ridable is unknown. I just hope he isn't in much discomfort doing regular horsey things... poor guy. He may be starting a new life this summer with new owners who can teach him to drive but nothing has really been decided with that yet. I'll just be crossing my fingers as it would be a great home for him.