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Welcome to Bru's Paddock
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My name is Nicole and I am the proud human of Bruderchen. This page is a way to show off what an amazing horse Bru is and share all his pictures and stories with you. I hope you all will enjoy your stay and check back often for new pics and updates.

In Spring 2003 Bru went to his new home in Washington. I miss my boy so much, but it was what was best for both of us. He now lives out most his days as a pasture pet and has stolen the heart of a very nice couple, who could give him all the space and time he needs to just be a horse and live the good life.
Thanks so much for visiting Bru's site on the web, please take a look around and enjoy the many memories I have to share of a horse I think I learned more about horsemanship and care from than any other in the previous 14 years of horse ownership.


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