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Welcome to Bru's Paddock
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Conformation Pictures


These pics were all taken for the purpose of showing off Bru's conformation and movement. Please feel free to email me any comments you have on what you think of him. I would love to hear what you think his strong points or weak points may be. Even training suggestions are very appreciated. 8)

Bru in August of 99. I had just bought him and he lost quite a bit of weight as he was pretty stress

August 2000, showing off 8)

Bru in June 2001.

July 2001

May 2002 - he had lost alot of conditioning after his back soreness came back

Oct 2002 - He is in great shape and starting to move like his old self again

Bru age 7, one year later. Looking quite a bit better...

August 2000, doing a nice stretch..this boy LOVES to stretch!

Bru free longeing, June 2001.

Bru in Nov 2001. He's all fuzzy with his winter coat but you can still see the improvement in his mu

Bru Feb 2002
February 2002, Don't you just love my imaginative clip job? Not bad for both of our first clip

Oct 2002- bad lighting but it was a good pic so i thought I'd add it

updated Oct 23, 2002