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Welcome to Bru's Paddock
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Cute and Funny Pics!

Bru as a unicorn!

I hope you all enjoy these pics as much as I do. Bru is a natural comedian and these pictures don't show the half of it. He is a very lovable horse who loves to cuddle as well as explore. He likes to stick his nose in my toque when i take it off my head as well as he LOVES to squeeze the rubber end of my lunge line and my rubber curry brushes between his teeth. He also likes to grab and throw things. He would be a great trick horse....maybe i should find some books and read up on teaching him some new things. He's such a quick learner. Show it to him twice and he's got it down pat!

Bru LOVES to lick...


Bru and his "crash" helmet as we call it....


No ..he isn't playing dead...just having a good roll.


My 19th Birthday cake. Pretty cool huh?



Sleeping on the job. He actually does this almost every time I tack him up. He even falls over sometimes!


Me and Bru on are way down to the ring for the costume class....don't you just love my classy shoes?

ready or not here we come!

... and cuddle.


Me and Bru just relaxin in the summer of 2000. Isn't he adorable!?!


Bru and his girlfriend Twist flirting away.


Smiling for the camera 8)


Bru's llama impression.


Me and Bru all dressed up for the Halloween Show's Costume class our barn had.


Here you can see the full costume a little better. He has sparkly paint on his hooves, a wreath around his neck, sparkles in his mane and tail and some sparkely star garland around his front hooves.

unicorn Bru

Bru's own x-mas card!

Bruderchen and buds!

July 2002....just looking like the handsome boy he is

Updated July 21, 2002