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Welcome to Bru's Paddock
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Show Pictures 2000


This gallery has pictures of Bruderchen from various shows. All took place in the 2000 show season, where we competed in hunter shows, Jumper shows and even in a mini event which he was awsome in (3rd place overall). Not bad for his first show season ever although I wish we didn't waste all our time on jumping when we coulda been doing dressage 8)

Now that Bru is ridable again ...hopefully some more show pics will be posted up here if I can get a saddle.

The first two pictures were taken at Bru's first show EVER in late Spring of 2000!
As you can see he was pretty worked up. I think this was because the show was at the stable he is boarded at and he was pretty stressed out about all the horses and change within his home. We didn't win anything even though he was a complete angel when doing the little hunter classes I took him in, but that was purely because of rider error because i kept learning the courses wrong and missing jumps.








These next two were taken during the dressage phase of the mini event me and Bru attended in late spring 2000. The first pic was taken during warm up, the second during the test. He scored some 7's for his working trot! Not bad for his first dressage test ever! 8)


These next four pictures were taken during the warm up, on course and after the x-country phase of the mini event. He was such a good's too bad his x-country days are over due to his back problem 8(



The last three pictures were taken at various jumper shows throughout the summer of 2000.


Updated Sept 12,2001